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House sign

2014-03-10 06:13:13

Nobody can find out house...

2014-03-11 18:44:16

Our house is a corner block, the main entrance is not on the street address of our house. The main entrance is hidden in a rock wall which isn't noticeable until you're right in front of it! I'n an attempt to help with this I'm adding a nice brass sign showing our address.

I designed it in Cambam, a very simple and intuitive CAD software use to create Gcode for Mach3, my mills software. I cut 4mm deep using a 6mm and 2mm endmill.


Into the oven

2014-03-20 23:42:39

I decided to powder coat the letters as I had the colours I wanted on hand. Big mistake....

I didn't have much experience with powder coating and soon discovered it's almost impossible to get it to stick inside small holes!!! I ended up resorting to brushing the power in as best I could. Then it's time to bring out the toaster oven(which no, I don't eat from!) and watch it take shape.

Using my trusty fluke temp probe it turned out better then expected!


2014-03-20 23:49:10

A bit of light sanding removed the excess paint, which turned out great!

I found a nice piece of Tasmanian Oak which I weather coated and it turned out quite professional looking. As you can see though I had a slight disagreement with my mill at the bottom of the number 2 and the letter M, easily fixed with a marker pen!