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Overpowered, that's how I roll

2014-03-20 23:56:25

While riding around like a chump on my unpowered cross country bike I ran into(not literally) a fellow with a electric hub motor. It was nothing special, you couldn't escape a 4 year old with its top speed but I still liked the idea!

After some Googling I found my way buying the last spot of a group buy, for a custom, very high power, crystalyte x5404! At the time I didn't really know how crazy this motor was, there is nothing out there like it you can buy from a shelf. It's a total beast, there are people pushing 10kw into them running over 100km/h....

Pic's from LOWRACER on endless sphere.

Image Image Image

It came with break switches, throttle, torque arms, all connectors and an 18x4110 mosfet controller, 72v set to 50amps. Everything I need!

It arrived!!!

2014-03-21 00:16:31

I was very excited to see the toll man arrive at my door struggling to carry my heavy parcel up the front stairs. I had already ordered my 6 5AH 6 cell lipo batteries which I run as 2 packs of 3 in series, with the 2 packs in parallel. This gives me 72v and a nominal current output of 250amps, way more then I need!

I was excited to test it out so got out the trusty ducktape to hold everything in place! I soon discovered my rear disc break needed some serious adjustments to be mounted with the huge hub. Who needs breaks thought right?

So A bike held together with ducktape and no back breaks riding at night... what can go wrong?



Holy hell does it go fast! I live on a very steep hill, it would accelerate up to 50km/hr UP the hill!! My days of peddling were over!
The throttle that came with the bike was a twist grip, I was sitting there talking to our neighbor when I started moving forwards... So I try pull the break harder and without realizing it at the time twisting the throttle on!! Next thing I know I'm monoing up the curb at speed into the neighbors garden, with the break fully locked!!!!!

Now I see the need for break leavers that disable the throttle... I'll work on that

Tweaking and safety

2014-03-21 00:31:11

Turned out the is a slight fault with the design, there is a nylon spacer which protects the wires exiting the motor through the shaft. But it turns out it tries to spin and ends up cutting the wire!


This photo was taken after I started working on it, I cut 3 slots to fit into a milled metal brace fitting onto the square sides of the shaft.

Next on the list was getting the back break to work with the new spacing arrangement. This was a really hard one to mill out with awkward curves, it was really hard to accurately measure where everything should be. I resorted to the guess and check method refining on each pass.

Image Image

Breaks CHECK
More stickytape CHECK

Time to ride!

Controller and battery mount

2014-03-21 00:45:19

A slightly more robust arrangement for the batteries with a modified seatpost mounted rear rack


A small stack later

2014-03-21 00:56:24

A pretty decent stack killed my battery mount. While trying to go up the side of a cliff.... I started to slip and ended up powering up the throttle trying to save myself. The result was my bike shooting off quite spectacularly into the distance leaving me standing in place. I really need to disable those throttle disabling breaks... One of these days!

As a replacement I taped them in with cloth tape and added a black cloth tape cowling! A little more stealth looking!
Yes I have a flat tires... I get a lot of those, the torque twists the tires and rips out the valves...