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Acrylic Tree

2014-03-10 04:12:10

Present for the birthday girl!

2014-03-20 20:33:27

My lovely girlfriend had shown interest in the MDF jewelry trees they generally have at Markets. I decided this would be a great first project for my laser engraver. I like making presents rather then buying gifts, maybe I'm just wierd! I'm sure she prefers the later haha

After 10min of Googling for examples I decided they were all boring!! A few hours work in The Gimp imaging program I had created my 4 2D slices and imported them into Google Sketchup to see how it all fitted together. Image


2013-08-02 19:34:42

After finishing my high tech laser water cooling system(bucket full of ice) I was away!! Due to the 80% or higher humidity I live in 25C was as low as I could take the cooling water without getting condensation. Ideally this should be 15C and makes the laser more inefficient.

The software that came with the laser RDCAM 6 let me import the jpegs I created and easily convert them to lines. With a few small touchups I cut out the first 3 pieces.
Image Image

This was cut from 2mm acrylic, the edges the laser cuts are perfect! I can't remember the exact speed and power, due to lack of cooling I believe it was 6-8mm/sec at 80% power, a terrible show of what it's capable of.


The base was cut from 6mm acrylic at a stupidly slow 4mm/sec, I also found out that mounting acrylic on other acrylic for height is a bad idea! I'm not sure if it's hot fumes or melted plastic, but damn it sticks together well!

Looking like a tree!

2014-03-20 21:03:30

After a bit of melting with the heat gun I managed to fit the 5 pieces together!


My initial plan was to leave it like this but the heat gun gave me an idea! I'll have to wait until the epoxy glue is set.

Better then expected

2014-03-20 21:08:58

After playing with the heat gun to make it all fit I found It's really easy to bend at a low enough heat to do with bare hands. It was time consuming trying to get it all looking balanced but the result was worth it!


The photo really doesn't do it justice.