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2014-03-12 22:32:58

CNC 60w CO2 Laser

2014-03-21 22:03:41

This small format laser can complete most tasks with high accuracy. 60 watt's will engrave anything short of metal and cut anything you can burn with a lighter. It includes air assist to keep smoke out of the beam, water coolant flow alarm to shutdown laser power, and exhaust fan. It can work independently via USB stick vector or bitmap graphics files or controlled via PC software. There is a rotary attachment to work on round items.

Laser Wattage60 Watts
Laser typeHermetic CO2 glass tube
Working area300mmx500mm
Max moving speed500mm/s
Locating precision:0.01mm
Resolution ratio4500dpi
Cutting thickness0-10mm (depends on materials)
Color separationUp to 256 shades
Other FeaturesWater cooling and protection system, adjustable worktable height, USB(offline)
Compatible softwareCorelDraw, AutoCAD
Power supplyAC220±10% 50HZ/ AC110±10% 50HZ
Machine Dimension:1020×650×630 mm
Net Weight65KG

New Toy!!

2014-03-25 02:11:23

Recently I've been looking into 3D printing, they really do look like fun. The size of there work table and the speed of printing seem really limiting though. The quality you get out of them seems pretty average for all the money and time too. While reading through some posts I found someone comparing it to a small laser engraver. Now this sounded even better! Much bigger work area, much faster speed, it can work with many materials. And can make heaps more practical items like box's and signs. 3D printers seemed to be used for more arty less practical items.

After doing some reading I decided on a cheap 60w Chinese carbon dioxide laser with a 300x500mm working area. There are smaller 40w but they are apparently useless. They can be found on ebay for about ~$2200 which for me included an rotary attachment, air pump, water pump, exhaust hose.

4 days later I got a call to pick up my ~110kg parcel!


It came out of the box at a slightly more manageable 65kg without a scratch! Very well packed!


Everything was powering up fine until I switch the laser PSU on and .... A large BAZZZZZZZZZZZAP, a flash from the fuse holder, and everything turns off. Grrrr...

After replacing the fuse and checking all the wiring it all powers up again except the laser PSU now pulls no current and wont power up. Upon further investigation the mirrors sent with the laser were total rubbish!!


Even after cleaning they have almost no reflection at all! A few angry emails later and I'm told if I mail the PSU to china they will happily replace the mirrors and PSU. So we'll see how that goes!


2014-03-25 02:52:17

52 days later and I FINALLY have a replacement!


The PSU I returned to China apparently never arrived..... I ended up having to pay cost price for the PSU which they sent the replacement mirrors with. It all hums along beautifully now!

And here with have its christening cut!


Tropical climate and lasers

2014-03-25 03:05:17

Lasers aren't very efficient... I'm going to guess about 10%, the other 90% is heat output! With an average temp of 28C and relative humidity of 90% trying to cool water without condensation is impossible!

To make it more usable I'm trialing running it inside with Air Conditioning to lower the humidity and ambient temp. I'm going to using an old bar fridge full of copper tubing to try keep the water at 15C. To keep fumes to a minimum I've added weather seal strips to all the door joins and a window mount for the exhausts vent. Hopefully I'll be able to get burning quicker and easier with this setup!

Images to follow shortly